Blockchain-based liquidity protocol designed to enable continuous on-chain liquidity.


company location
Zug, Switzerland

Founded 2016
Invested 2017

In 2017, Bancor raised $153 million through its ICO. Its decentralized liquidity network uses smart tokens to address liquidity challenges in the cryptocurrency market, enabling continuous on-chain price discovery and reducing reliance on centralized exchanges. Bancor fosters a more interconnected cryptocurrency ecosystem by allowing seamless conversions between various tokens. This interconnectedness simplifies the management and conversion of digital assets, driving the growth and maturation of the overall market.

The experienced founding team and the platform's potential for long-term growth as more cryptocurrencies integrate with its network have contributed to Bancor's success. The need for a decentralized, transparent, and efficient liquidity solution will become increasingly important, supporting its potential for long-term growth.