Decentralized privacy protocol for anonymous transactions on Ethereum.

Tornado Cash

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Founded 2019

Invested 2020

We, as Apollo Ventures are deeply committed to freedom of speech and the principles of decentralization. We have recently demonstrated our support for Tornado Cash and its founders by purchasing TORN tokens on the secondary market. Tornado Cash, an innovative decentralized privacy solution, allows users to conduct secure and anonymous transactions on the Ethereum network.

Tornado Cash's unique protocol leverages non-custodial smart contracts and zero-knowledge proofs to ensure the privacy of its users. By enabling untraceable transactions, the platform empowers individuals to maintain control over their financial data and enhances the freedom of speech in the digital space. Apollo Ventures recognizes the importance of such privacy-preserving technologies in fostering an open and decentralized financial ecosystem.

The decision to support Tornado Cash by acquiring TORN tokens reflects Apollo Ventures' commitment to promoting projects that embody its values and contribute to the development of a more inclusive and censorship-resistant digital landscape.